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Summary: Introducing the all NEW PERAZZI HIGH TECH SHOTGUN! The High Tech has a resolute and innovative character. Its visual impact is immediately appealing due to its sporty look.
  * The High Tech frame has a greater weight than other Perazzi models and it is distributed within the median line between the grip of the hands, which both improves the fluidity of handling and further reduces recoil, in the true tradition of all Perazzi shotguns.
  * The High Tech has a new divergent rib that goes from 7mm wide at the action to 10mm wide at the muzzle. This innovation allows you to greatly speed up your perception of the target and also expands your field of vision. Wider than previous ventilation slots accelerate the cooling process of the barrels.
  * After multiple ballistic studies the interior configuration of the barrels were modified to produce even better patterns and also to speed up the time of impact to the target.
  * The aesthetics of the new High Tech employ a different system of polishing the receiver and barrels, which makes them less shiny and reflective to the shooters eyes.
  * The new stock design follows the size and shape of the action, so that its larger surface area helps to absorb more recoil. The front part of the forend is shaped to work in conjunction with the angle of the barrel ventilation slots. Both the stock and forend are engraved with the new High Tech logo.
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  * 31 1/2" & 34", 12 Gauge Combo
  * 4 Notch Adjustable Rib
  * 3" chamber
  * 18.7 bore
  * Fixed Chokes: Full, Mod/Full
  * Half ventilated side ribs
  * Front white beads
  * Brass middle beads
  * Selective, flat spring trigger group
  * SC-2 Grade wood
  * High Tech Adjustable, Right handed stock
  * High Tech Beavertail forend
  * Blued receiver with Red High Tech logo
  • HIGH TECH 10 TRAP COMBO - Available for custom order

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